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Profitroom Know How

Gaining and sharing expertise is embedded in our organizational culture

Hotel Marketing Conference

The largest annual marketing conference for hoteliers

The largest annual marketing conference for hoteliers

HMC is the largest and the most prestigious marketing conference for hoteliers, organized annually by Profitroom.

The conference consists of two days full of lectures of which 90% are prepared by experts working for Profitroom. Our goal is to provide valuable content and good practices to our Clients.

Inspiring presentations

Profitroom onTour

A series of away training workshops for our Clients

Profitroom on Tour is a series of events organized throughout Poland for people who want to expand their knowledge about the operation of the hospitality sector.

OnTour is created solely by Profitroom experts and was established on their initiative. Our work resulted in hundreds of trained hoteliers and tens of hours spent discussing the future of the hospitality market and our products.

Cities visited
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Profitroom Academy

A program of free-of-charge internal trainings

Profitroom Academy is an exceptional initiative of free-of-charge training courses conducted by our employees – experts in their respective areas – for other employees interested in a given topic.

Trainings conducted as part of Profitroom Academy cover various areas: web development, marketing, hospitality, IT tools, Profitroom products and many other.

Trainings are voluntary and free-of-charge for all participants.

Trainings per year
Factual value
Tomek Web Support Team Leader

In terms of software, the IT sector is changing very dynamically. New technologies emerge as we speak. Profitroom Academy gives me an opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments. I run my own website dedicated to running. Profitroom Academy trainings allowed me to learn how to make the website more attractive to reach more users.

Kasia Software Engineer

I take advantage of the majority of trainings organized as part of the Profitroom Academy, because they give me an opportunity to learn from my colleagues from other departments. On the one hand, they show us what they do, and on the other, they share their passion and experience.

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