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Profitroom Academy at a glance


How does Profitroom Academy work?

Profitroom Academy was created thanks to our employees who were happy to get involved in the free training project for their colleagues. Our every employee can propose a subject on which he or she would like the training to be, or to propose a subject for training that he or she wishes to provide for the rest of the staff. For training to take place, speakers must volunteer to prepare a presentation or a workshop on the proposed subjects. Training on the topics that are of the greatest interest to employees is usually organised first.

What are the topics of our training?

They are very varied and depend on what is of interest to our employees. Training which took place so far covered, among other things, the following topics: Google spreadsheets – Tips & Tricks, Introduction to Scrum methodology, Forms of online advertisements and when to use them, Design Thinking (theory), Design Thinking (workshops), Twelve Tips of Revenue Managers for implemented facilities. Cyclic trainings can also be provided as part of the Profitroom Academy. These take place every two weeks and expand on the topics discussed previously. At present, we run cyclic training on web development and Vue.js framework.

Profitroom Academy - for whom?

Profitroom Academy is an opportunity to broaden your horizons and even pursue your non-professional passions! You work in marketing, but are interested in website design? You deal with clients, but would like to learn what this Scrum is and how it works? Profitroom Academy is an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge and learn something new. The thematic training courses will help you familiarize yourself with issues you have not yet explored, while the cyclic training courses will help you develop in the chosen area and even to rise to an advanced level. And all this in an extremely friendly and relaxed atmosphere!